About us

Jeune femme rousse, patiente de médecine esthétique, appuyant le visage sur la main

Our motto

Our motto: competence, security, versatility, innovation.


Our competence is based on extensive academic training and further postgraduate, and a collaboration with various specialists.


Our security is assured by an extensive offer of aesthetic care without surgery and without side effects, the medical control of spa treatments and our ambition to ensure accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.


Our versatility is the result of very diverse medical professional experiences of our team.


Our innovation is expressed by our desire to offer the best technology to date. Thus, we were the first to have introduced in Mauritius many technologies of aesthetic medicine and spa.



L'analyse informatique de photos du visage
La radiofréquence fractionnée à micro-aiguilles


Les Ultrasons Focalisés de Haute Intensité

La microsclérose par radiofréquence


Le rayon plasma

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Dr Tony Leutéritz

Emergency doctor (12 years of EMS and 18 years of ER) trained in Tropical, Underwater & Hyperbaric Medicine, as well in aesthetic medicine at the International College of Aesthetic Medicine & Longevity of Paris.

Mrs Shirley Deschamps-Pallany

Executive Secretary, Shirley holds a professional makeup diploma.

Her extensive professional career has brought her to sectors as diverse as advertising, architecture and retail...

Mr David Camus

Ostéopathe holistique diplômé en kinésithérapie, en ostéopathie et en traitements énergétiques. Il a suivi une formation approfondie sur les principes et les techniques énergétiques de facilitation de guérison ...