Medico-Cosmetic Dermopigmentation

Maquillage des yeux smoky
Joli modèle asiatique

Long-lasting makeup redraws eyebrows or lips that lack sharpness, It also intensifies your look.


As a result, you always have a make-up base that makes you look good, at any age and at any time, even during the most delicate moments, like an intense sporting activity.


Madam and Miss, your femininity is radiant, as a mother, wife or professional.


The duration of pigmentation ...


The skin normally remains pigmented between 1 to 4 years, and 6 months minimum for the skin against contraindication.


The pigmentation varies according to several factors:


  • Sun

  • Phagocytosis

  • Pigment chosen

  • Solar habit

  • Skin absorption

  • Shade

  • Frequency of exposure

  • Skin quality

  • Density


To know


The hue will lighten and lose 30 to 50% of its color which is quite normal .. it means that the pigment is in harmony with the skin tone of the individual. If, however, the pigmentation is too light the "retouch included in the initial price" is made for that.


(In contrast a blond eyebrow worked naturally will be redone every year)


Hygiene conditions ...


All hygiene standards are scrupulously respected, using products identical to those of the hospital environment.


At each service the room is carefully sterilized by the technician.


Each session is performed with:


  • Pigments registered in the sanitary register (see pigment tracking)

  • Sterile gloves (vinyl or latex)

  • A mask

  • A charlotte

  • A blouse

  • An apron

  • A needle for single use



Origin of pigments ...


The sterile mineral pigments of Pigmen'tcolor® are mainly composed of an iron oxide derivative in an alcohol-based solution.


All toxicological and bacterial tests have been applied and must comply with international regulations on hygiene safety.


  • Micro-bacterial analysis (EUROPEAN CODEX-1997-2.6.13)

  • Search for microorganisms

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