Eyelash Extensions

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Eyelash extensions

Real work of goldsmith and design eyelash extensions allows you to get a radiant look without the addition of mascara, eyelashes longer, bulky, darker and curvature perfect in all circumstances.


An application is made on each of your natural eyelashes, one or more lashes in silk.

Two techniques are available, the "one at a time" or the Russian Volume called"3D". Which one to choose ?


The "one at a time" technique gives volume, elongation and natural curvature.

The Russian volume technique gives a more accentuated volume and the price due to the complexity of the pose and the time spent, is a little higher.



The Botox lash

Lash Botox is a technique that restores lashes completely. The treatment strengthens the structure and makes them more bulky and uniform. It allows to act as care, enhancement and regeneration of the eyelash.

This technique has the advantage of giving you a makeup effect naturally thanks to that incorporated dye.

The treatment causes the growth of the eyelashes but it also gives more volume.

  • Vitamin E care to activate regrowth,

  • Pantenol® for volume and softness,

  • Argan oil to regenerate and shine,

  • Keratin to fill the structure and fill the damaged areas,

  • Collagen for close the upper layers of the eyelashes. 

  • Hyaluronic acid to moisturize.

Advise people who do not want to put eyelash extensions.

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