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Acné stade hyperséborrhée


Acné stade points noir et blanc

White and black head

Acné stade bouton rouge

Red pimple

Acné stade bouton blanc

White pimple

Adolescente avec acné se nettoyant le visage
How is acne formed?

Black, white, red ... Acne makes us see many colours. This disease takes place in 3 stages.

1. The sebaceous glands produce too much sebum. This is called hyperseborrhea. The skin becomes shiny. At the same time the cells that form the sebum excretion channel, stick to each other and block the channel thus forming the micro-comedones.​

2. If the comedo is open we have a black head. If the comedo is closed it is a white point. It's retentional acne.​

3. When the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes develops in sebum this causes inflammation. This is the appearance of the red or white button. It is inflammatory acne.


The pimples can leave scars and are explained by the disappearance of cutaneous tissue, following its necrosis. Attempts to express the pimples, with more or less force, very clearly favor the appearance of these scars.

Acne treatments

If the sebaceous cysts, recurrence regularly in the same place, with few new elements, Dr. Leutéritz recommends the final skin cleansing. Intense pulsed light and facial oxygen are also of great interest.


Depending on the type of acne, a local treatment will be prescribed.


Acne scars will be treated by fractional radiofrequency micro-needle and / or platelet rich plasma.


We also recommend La Maison Clayton Shagal® collagen and elastin for their repairing effect.

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