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Absorbable Tensor Threads

Femme ayant eu un lifting avec des fils tenseurs à l'Ile Maurie
fil tenseur cranté sur canule
Fil tenseur simple

For a moderate relaxation of the oval of the face, we have today an effective solution, non surgical, realisable in the medical treatment room and under local anesthesia.


This is the placement of resorbable tensor treads. Their lifting character is due to the moderate traction and densification of the tissues they operate. Their resorbability is related to their nature: PLA or PDO (polylactic acid or polydiaxonone), used for resorbable suture son for years. Their resorption leads to a stimulation of collagen production, which densifies the skin and reinforces the lifting effect.


  • the lowered tail of the eyebrow

  • the cheekbones

  • the hollow of the cheeks

  • pronounced nasolabial folds

  • the folds of bitterness

  • the jowls

  • the relaxation of the neck


 Two types of thread

Smooth threads

The doctor inserts the subcutaneous superficial smooth threads with a needle by performing a mesh on the area to be treated. The threads are positioned under the skin at the time of extraction of each needle and remain in situ. This results in densification of the skin components (collagen, elastin).

Cog threads

The doctor inserts under the skin, the cog thread mounted on the cannula. He will then gently pull on the end of the wire to fix the notches in the dermis and tighten the skin. The lifting effect is immediate.


In the hours following the procedure, the patient must rest and abstain from any violent effort.


The skin is less wrinkled and has a lifting effect. The presence of the threads in the body causes local inflammation and tissue fibrosis.


To regenerate the dermis, the skin then stimulates the manufacture of a new collagen for 6 to 8 months, the time necessary for the threads to resorb. The effects, immediately visible, are progressive to be optimal 1 to 2 months after the treatment. The result persists from 12 to 24 months depending on the nature of the threads.

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