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Sagging Skin

How does the skin release ?

Skin slackening is a distention due to age-related loss of elasticity.


With age, cell turnover is slowed down, weakening fibroblasts (the dermal cells that make collagen and elastin). The relaxation is at first muscular then cutaneous, resulting in excess skin and sagging.


Dr. Leutéritz recommends the resorbable tensor threads. The tensor effect is remarkable. We realise a real medical facelift, that is to say without bistoury. This allows to redraw the contour of the face, to erase wrinkles and fine lines, to enlarge the look. The result is completely natural.

For moderate relaxation, for the eye contour, the upper lip fractional microneedling radiofrequency is quite appropriate.

Dr. Leutéritz invites you for a synergistic action, oxygen facial and platelet rich plasma.

Dr. Leutéritz also recommends the use of La Maison Clayton Shagal® collagen and elastin for their repair and preventative effect.

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