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Tripolar Radiofrequency

Ventre de femme traitée par radiofréquence tripolaire, à l'Ile Maurice
Cellulite et culotte de cheval traitée par radiofréquence tripolaire, à l'Ile Maurice
Technical principle


The Tripolar Radiofrequency releases alternating electric currents of high frequencies that deliver heat, up to 20mm deep. The targets are fat cells and those of collagen and elastin.


The slimming, anti-cellulite, firming and draining effects of 3-pole radiofrequency thus answer 3 problems: fat accumulation, sagging skin and vascular aging.




Fatty accumulation and cellulite


The accumulation of fat occurs in adipocytes as triglycerides, made from carbohydrates and lipids in our diet.


Cellulite is directly related to female hormones, especially estrogen. The variations of this hormone favour the appearance of cellulite: puberty, pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, hormonal contraception, etc.


The result is obtained by raising the temperature of the adipocytes in the hypoderm, which causes a release of triglycerides, glycerol and fatty acid in the circulation, and a slow destruction of the membranes of the adipocytes.

An abdominal session results in an immediate reduction in waist circumference, which is prolonged in the following 2 weeks.



  1. Overload: abdominal and lumbar, banana under buttocks, breeches, knees, calves.

  2. Cellulitis of the buttocks, thighs and knees.

Sagging skin

Age, sun, tobacco and pollution are the main causes of this relaxation. It is the decrease in collagen and elastin of the dermis that causes the appearance of wrinkles and tissue relaxation.

The tripolar leads to contraction and neo-synthesis of collagen. This synthesis continues 5 to 9 weeks after the session. The tensor effect is visible from the 3rd treatment session.


  1. Wrinkles and fine lines, forehead, lion's wrinkle, crow's feet, nasolabial fold.

  2. Skin sagging: birth of jowls, cutaneous ptosis of the oval of the face, double chin and neck, posterior aspect of the arms, abdomen after pregnancy.

Vascular aging of the skin


This aging causes a decrease in vascularisation and the appearance of capillary fragility. The resulting lack of oxygen degrades the grain and the complexion of the skin.

The drainage and the heat of the treatment improves the oxygenation and thus the metabolism of the cutaneous tissue with regression of the stage of the cellulite, improvement of the cutaneous complexion and delay of the aging.


The prior assessment


Any treatment requires a preliminary assessment. It lasts 30 minutes and includes:


  • Presentation of the technology and its applications

  • Weighing and measurements (waist measurement or other)

  • Assessment of needs

  • Prescription of a biological assessment if necessary

  • Dietary advice and physical activity

  • Personalized quote


The session


It lasts 40 minutes. The number of sessions required is variable depending on the need. This number ranges from 6 to 12 on average.

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