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Jambes de femme, les pieds en haut, ayant eu une microsclérose des varicosités à l'Ile Maurice

The nose, thighs and legs are often the site of small vascular lesions, called varicosities or telangiectasia. These lesions can be treated by microsclerosis, by injection of a sclerosing product, or by radiofrequency, or IPL or laser. Above a certain vessel diameter, the sclerosing product used is Scleremo® (France).





Heat is not a contraindication. But do not expose yourself to the sun for a few days. Normally, sclerotherapy does not leave any traces, but sometimes there is a slight colouring of the skin. The sun is then deprecated for several months until the pigmentation disappears.




The practice of sports rebounds, tennis or handball for example, is also not recommended for 15 days. Therefore, focus on less "traumatic" sports, such as swimming, walking or cycling, which increase venous return. You can take a shower the same day, go to the pool, pursue a normal physical activity


Finally, for the treatment of large varicose veins, the wearing of an elastic compression sock type, sticky or low, is mandatory for a fortnight after the session.


Often, several sessions are necessary. They are spaced a week for large varicose veins, one month for varicose veins and small varicose veins.

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