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Skin Aging

Homme vieillisant
Expression Wrinkles

FRM - PRP - Botox - Peelings- Threads - 3P - µcurrents

Static Wrinkles

FRM - PRP - Fillers - Peelings- Threads - 3P - µcurrents


FRM - Fillers - Peelings - Threads - 3P - µcurrents

Skin Texture

FRM - Mesotherapy - Peelings

Thin skin

FRM - O2 - PRP - Mesotherapy - Peelings - Fils tenseurs


O2 - Mesotherapy - Peelings - Nettoyage de peau

Dehydratation, Drought & Dull Appearance

O2 - Mesotherapy - Peelings

Brown Spots

Peelings - IPL - Medical cosmetics

Factors of skin aging

The aging of our skin is due to our genes and oxidative stress: free radicals. They attack membranes, metabolism and cellular DNA. The factors are mainly heliodermia (photo-aging related to sun exposure), smoking, facial expressions, gravity.

Skin aging is manifested by a slower cell regeneration, a decrease in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. All this leads to a thinning of the dermis and the epidermis, called dermatoporosis, as well as a sagging skin.

Dermatoporosis is comparable to osteoporosis in women. This is a melting of the dermal layer. The loss of hyaluronic acid, results in a loss of water, which will lead to dehydration of the skin. Elastic fibers become rare and lose their properties, which results in skin folds and looseness. We lose 1% collagen per year, from 40 years old. In addition, collagen stiffens by combining with glucose, it is glycation. The skin loses its flexibility. The sebaceous glands are less numerous and increase in volume, hence acne, with dry skin.


The 3 main signs of skin aging are wrinkles, sagging skin, and brown spots. There are two main types of wrinkles, facial expression wrinkles and static wrinkles, such as the nasolabial fold, wrinkles of the neck and décolleté. These increase according to sun exposure.

Skin aging treatments

In the table on the left, here are the treatments we propose for the consequences of skin aging.


  • FRM: Fractional Radiofrequency Microneedling

  • PRP: Platelet Rich Plasma

  • 3P: Tripolar

  • μcurrents: Microcurrents

  • O2: Oxygen

  • IPL: Intense Pulse Light

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