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Dark circles

Cernes colorés chez un homme jeune
tubes pour PRP, plasma riche en plaquettes
Circles /Rings under the eye

The hollow ring or valley of tears is a depressed and dark area under the eye. Its hollow appearance is due to a depression secondary to the melting of the subcutaneous fatty tissue. Valley of tears can be observed at the young person.


The dark ring is due to the fineness of the skin there, which rests on the purple orbicularis muscle.


The pigmentary ring: it characterizes people with excess melanin or just those who are prone to skin aging.


The full ring is the sign of an excess of lymphatic stasis, excess of periorbital fat, slackening of the septum (wall) or hypertrophy of the orbicularis muscle.


The compound ring may consist of the various anatomical elements mentioned above and then requires a combination of different treatments.


With age, dark circles are accentuated by changes in the skin (atrophy and pigmentation) and the appearance or accentuation of the eyelid pocket.

The treatment of the ring

The ring can be treated by concealing it. Indeed, by applying a very light color in a hollow, it is filled, it is inflated. On the other hand, if we apply a dark color, we dig it. It's the illusion of shadow and light. It is therefore necessary to apply a light ring mask under the pocket to reduce dark circles.


NeoleA treats dark circles and dark circles with platelet rich autologous plasma, better known as PRP. The PRP being a tissue repairer, it can only restore a previous state and not create a volume that did not exist beforehand.


NeoleA also recommends the use of La Maison Clayton Shagal ™ collagen and elastin for their repair and preventative effect.

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