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NCTF135HA de Filorga

Mesotherapy consists of multiple microinjections into the skin. We use Filorga ™ NCTF 135HA © (France). The areas usually treated are the face, neck, décolleté and hands.

Composition of NCTF 135HA ©

The success of NCTF lies in its composition, 55 active ingredients:


Action on cell proliferation and angiogenesis, essential for the viscoelastic balance of the skin.


Vitamin A: flexibility and density of the skin.

Vitamin B: metabolism of essential fatty acids.

Vitamin C: collagen synthesis, free radical inhibition and melanin production.

Vitamin E: against free radicals.

23 AMINO ACIDS: Action on protein synthesis of fibroblasts.

6 MINERALS: Ionic action on several hundred enzymatic reactions and essential cellular functions.

6 COENZYMES: Increase the speed of tissue construction.

5 NUCLEIC ACIDS: Form RNA and DNA, which regulate protein synthesis.

2 REDUCING AGENTS: Substances that easily lose electrons and control cell oxidation reactions.


More than 15 years of success and more than one million patients treated. Scientifically proven effectiveness:

Anti-aging cell biostimulation IN VITRO STUDY

+ 90% anti-radical protection: Cellular protection

+ 147% fibroblast proliferation: Stimulation

+ 256% collagen synthesis: Re-densification

+ 366% expression of the elastase inhibitor gene: Regeneration

Improved skin quality Multicenter study (IN VIVO)

+ 72% attenuation of wrinkles and fine lines

+ 103% improvement in tone

+ 132% improvement of hydration

+ 144% improvement in brightness

The results

The skin recolours, retires, is better hydrated, becomes more flexible, firmer. The complexion is radiant.

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