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Definitive Skin Cleansing

Femme ôtant un bouton d'acné sur le front

It is necessary to permanently destroy the sebaceous gland which is at the origin of the button, the comedo, or the black dot. This is what we call the definitive skin cleansing.

With a needle, we incise the skin just above the comedone. Then we press very lightly (important to avoid scars) to express the cyst. Then, we cauterise the interior of the cavity thus produced, using a cotton swab soaked in a particular concentration of trichloroacetic acid.



The sebaceous gland is permanently destroyed. Healing is done in less than 24 hours without any scars.

We have thousands of sebaceous glands on the face. Each can be cystic at some point in our lives (hormonal changes). It may be that after a definitive skin cleansing there are new elements of acne. By cons their number and size will be much lower.

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