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The different peels

Peels peel the skin. There are mechanical peels (exfoliants, scrubs) and chemical peels (fruit acids or AHA, trichloroacetic acid or TCA, phenol). Medical peels mainly use chemical peels.

Depending on the depth of the skin we are aiming for, we use more or less concentrated acids. So there are superficial, medium and deep peels.

The mode of action

The peels induce intense stimulation of the basal cells of the epidermis, fibroblasts (responsible for the manufacture and assembly of collagen and elastin), endothelial cells (responsible for the formation of new blood vessels) and histiocytes ("cleaners") of the dermis. This causes a real regeneration of the cutaneous tissue.


The medical peels: treats acne, oily skin, brown spots, fine lines, skin texture, and gives new radiance to the skin.

For our peels, we use Skin Tech® (Spain). They combine AHA and TCA. AHAs separate cells from each other, while TCA coagulates proteins. The combination of the two products potentiates the result.


Superficial peels do not lead to social crowding, you can continue working and going out. Procedure: 4 peels at one week intervals.

The average peels ask to stay at home for a week. Procedure: 2 peels at one month intervals.

It is necessary to protect yourself from the sun four weeks after the last peel.

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