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Dr Tony Leutéritz

Vérification d'un formulaire médecin

Various skills

Dr. Tony Leutéritz, has a wide and diverse academic background. He is a graduate of Tropical Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Disaster Medicine, Emergency Radiology, Hyperbaric Medicine and Aesthetic and Longevity Medicine.


Former Hospital Assistant, his long hospital experience, gave him the team spirit and perseverance necessary for the establishment of a diagnosis or a treatment.


His military service to the Foreign Legion, in the Central African Republic, with experienced colonial doctors, with limited resources, showed him the importance of a precise and complete clinical examination, and the interest of ancient therapeutic solutions.


His practice of Emergency Medicine, had him master many medical, surgical and diagnostic procedures, such as superficial and deep sutures, cutaneous excisions, intra-articular injections, ingrown nail treatments, hemorrhoidal thrombosis, abscess drainage, ulcer care, electrocardiograms, nitrous oxide analgesia and difficult healing dressings ...


In 1989, he was trained in vertebral manipulations using the technique of Dr. Maigne, father of spinal manipulation in France. He continued to improve with many osteopaths.


Installed since 2001 in Mauritius, he has developed a large network of referring physicians to serve his patients.


Humanitarian services in Togo, Benin and Uganda, in times of peace and war, are indicative of his willingness to serve.

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